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RMS Recruitment

Mr. Thay Kim Ean

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Tel: 078/098 868 555



Mr. Kchong Virak

For Job Posting

Tel: 098 869 555



Ms.  Srey Loth

Tel: 098 867 555



Mr. Kim Thy

Tel: 086 3 12345



Mr. Te Syeang

Tel: 010 711 711


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Urgent Jobs
Chinese translator - Nouveau SUN Social Media Officer (Facebook) - Nouveau SUN Sales Representative - Nouveau SUN Sales Supervisor - Nouveau SUN District Operation Officer - ABA Bank District Operation Officer - ABA Bank IT and Card Internal Audit - ABA Bank ជំនួយការការិយាល័យ (Office Assistants) - International School ជំនួយការការិយាល័យ (Office Assistants) - International School អ្នកអនាម័យ - International School Waitress / Waiter - Hotel Cara Bartender - Hotel Cara អ្នកសំអាតសាខា(០៧នាក់) - Hattha Kaksekar Limited (HKL) Graphic Designer - HHL Trading Co.; LTD
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Building #01-02, St.10B (St.271), Sangkat. Teuk Thla Khan. Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia