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Tips for new employee

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Success Tips for New Employees

You have spent a lot time before getting a job. Please try to remember what you did before you holding this new job: You may spend a lot of time to prepare your curriculum vitae and cover letter to make sure that they are attractive and professional, searching for vacancies, sending your application, waiting for interviewed calling, after receiving call you have to prepare uniform and appearance, checking the company background, preparing interview question or answers, and you are, also, required to sit for writing test or technical test etc. Some people getting job by go through many companies and now you are hired to a new company. You're excited, apprehensive and a bit overwhelmed. Here's how you can make your transition easier and less stressful, so you can enjoy your new coworkers and be successful in your new job.

Understand the big picture

Understand the purpose of your job in helping carry out your company's mission. Visualize a jigsaw puzzle with you as the one missing piece that will make the picture complete. This will make your job more meaningful, even if it's limited in scope.

Dress appropriately

At your interview, ask about the appropriate dress. Make sure your clothes are neat, clean and pleasant for others to look at. Even if your company has a casual dress code, the more professional you look, the more respect you'll get from your supervisors.

Get to work early

Arrive at work at least 10 minutes early. Use that extra time to relax and prepare for the day. This will help you appear more organized and confident.

Take notes

Take notes or tape-record your training sessions. You may think you'll remember everything, but it's better to have notes to refer to so you don't have to depend on memory.

Ask questions

Don't assume anything. Repeat important instructions by saying, "What I understand you're saying is --. Is that right?" Always ask someone if you're not sure how to perform a task.

Be patient

Everything is new for you -- new people, new tasks, a new environment. Don't get down on yourself for not learning everything the first week. Instead, notice how you're improving.

Ask for help

No one expects you to be up to speed on everything your job entails right away. If there's a deadline, and it's obvious you won't be able to meet it, ask for help.

Be helpful

Offer to help your coworkers whenever you can. This will create a supportive relationship with colleagues. Sometimes there may be a need for employees to stay late. If you volunteer, you'll be looked on as a team player.

Keep your desk organized

You may know where everything is even though your desk looks like a tornado just hit it, but you'll appear disorganized to others. So take a few minutes at the end of the morning and at the end of the day to organize your work area.

Ask for feedback

Check with your supervisor after the first week on the job to ask how you're doing. Then continue asking for feedback once a month.

Some questions you might ask include: Is there anything I can improve on? Am I working fast enough? Am I accurate enough? How can I add to my knowledge or skills? How can I make things easier for my coworkers?

Be friendly

People are wary of others until trust is built. Since you're the new kid on the block, your coworkers will be sizing you up to see if you're a positive addition to the department or team. Finding things in common with your new coworkers will create a bond of friendship. A one-on-one lunch with a different coworker each week will give you an opportunity to ask about his or her personal interests and share yours.


(Please smile to the world then the world will smile at you)Smile you spend nothing for smiling but it benefits you much.


Show appreciation

Everybody craves appreciation. Be sure to thank your boss and the coworkers who are helping you learn your job.



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