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Our Process

Our Recruitment Process

1. Meeting with Client

  • Job Order Received
  • Position Specification and Duties
  • Selection Criteria, Skills and Experience

2. Source Candidates

  • Internet Advertising
  • Print Advertising on request
  • Database Search
  • Referrals and Networking

3. Screen and Qualify Candidates

  • Screen Resumes with following to our selection criteria
  • Initial Telephone Interview
  • Behavioral Based Face to Face Interviews
  • Reference Checks Completed on request

4. Test Candidates

Our practice is to meet the candidates first, in order to find the potential candidates, before sending to our clients. The Targeted Selection Program is very important for this step. The principle of the targeted selection program is using passed behaviors to predict future behaviors. We would expect the person to respond with the similar actions, if he / she faced with the similar situation that he / she experienced previously. The interviewing question is phrased as such that asking interviewee to describe a Situation, with the Actions taken to rectified or improved the situation and what was the end Results. We are looking for the complete “STAR” (ST=Situation, A= Action and R= Result). If we could not gather any information of the “STAR” it will be considered a “False Star”.  Further probing question will have to be asked till we gather the information needed or we will skip that particular dimension. The results could be positive or negative, as long as the interviewee is able to complete describe the “SiTuation, Action and Result (STAR)”. The negative or positive results will be used to evaluate how well the interviewee’s quality / potential in the related dimensions.  There are 11 dimensions in the Targeted Selection Program:

  1. Customer Care (Customer Service)
  2. Leadership
  3. Performance Standards
  4. Problem Solving  
  5. Decision Making    
  6. Planning & Development
  7. Energy Level
  8. Adaptability
  9. Initiative
  10. Oral Communication
  11. Written Communication

5. Interviews and Appointment of Candidate

  • Present Short listed Candidates
  • Organize Client Interviews
  • Feedback from Candidate and Client
  • Offer and Negotiations
  • Confirmation of Appointment

6. Service After Placement

The step that we care most  


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